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Spike the Dinosaur Taggie Baby Comforter - PACK OF 4
Spike the Dinosaur Taggie Baby Comforter with teether
Spike the Dinosaur Taggie Baby Comforter for baby to sleep

Spike the Dinosaur Taggie Baby Comforter - PACK OF 4

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Includes 4 X Little Num Nums Spike the Dinosaur Taggies. Perfect for when one is in the wash or keep one in the car just incase! You will always have a back-up comforter in the event that one is misplaced!

Little Num Nums Taggie Comforters are a practical, safe and non toxic comforter perfect for your little one to cuddle, comfort and explore with. Independently safety tested and suitable from birth, Little Num Nums Taggie Comforters provide comfort and reassurance for your little one while they are falling asleep or resettling.

The silk tabs are visually stimulating whilst providing extra comfort for your little one. The teething tab helps to soothe sore gums when teething. Made from 100% Velboa and all new materials, Little Num Nums Taggie Comforters are not only super soft and snuggly they are also machine washable making them super easy to clean.

Little Num Nums Taggie Comforters are perfect to include as part of your little ones bedtime routine. Introducing a comforter will allow your little one to learn to fall asleep without any help from parents or caregivers. When introducing your Little Num Nums Taggie Comforter keep it close to you for a few days or inside your shirt to allow the comforter to absorb your scent. This allows an attachment to be formed encouraging a baby to feel relaxed and secure providing reassurance and comfort at sleep times. When transitioning out of a swaddle Little Num Nums Comforters keep little hands busy providing comfort allowing your little one to fall asleep or resettle.

Little Num Nums Taggie Comforters can be transported anywhere where your little one needs to be settled from the home, to the car, at day care or when out and about. They provide a sense of security and comfort when parents or caregivers are not there.

Not only are they a super cute, soft and luxurious comforter they will soon become a very special friend for the little person in your life...someone to cuddle and go with them on all of their grand adventures.


  • Size - 35cm x 32cm
  • Complies with AUST/NZ/EU safety standards
  • Suitable from Birth
  • Perfect baby gift
  • Designed in Australia

    Customer Reviews

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    Soft and bright

    These dinosaurs are so bright and soft. Great fot little hands to hold onto. Love them. We now have 3 in our collection!

    Great product great service

    Could not fault the service at all. Products are fantastic too. Thank you